This alert is no longer active: Stop the Nuclear Power Relapse


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As Ani DiFranco, the Indigo Girls, and other artists and activists meet with Senators here in Washington, DC, call your Senators this Monday (July 25) via the U.S. Capitol switchboard toll free at (877) 762-8762.  Tell them to vote against big nuclear power subsidies the energy bill.  You should also tell them to ask their colleagues on the Indian Affairs Committee to hold a hearing on Private Fuel Storage.

To find who your Senators are, click here.

For background information on the Private Fuel Storage plan, click here.  For background information on how the energy bill will use your tax dollars to try to revive the nuclear industry, click here.

When you call, let us know with the form below!  Tell us what your Senators said so we can keep track of the most crucial targets.  When you fill in your contact information, make sure the "remember my info" box is checked so that you won't have to enter it next time you visit.  Thank you for your help!

You can also take further action on this issue by sending an e-mail to your Senators and Representative by clicking here.


January 17, 2019


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