This alert is no longer active: Protect Truckers, Other Vehicles: Oppose HOS Changes!

NO ACTION REQUIRED: Thank you for your interest in highway safety. Please visit to see how you can protect democracy.

The administration is making a strong last-minute effort to make permanent a dangerous hours-of-service (HOS) rule that would continue to allow trucking companies to require their workers to drive for up to 88 hours in eight days. This rule, currently in effect until the end of September, would allow truck drivers to be exhausted and still required to drive for several hours – endangering both the truckers and other drivers on American highways.

A federal appeals court rejected this rule, but the administration is pushing to make the temporary rule permanent. You must stop this push.

In addition, there is a proposal from Rep. Boozman from Arkansas that would extend a trucker drivers’ work day by two hours, bringing a potential workday to 16 hours. This, too must be prevented.

Contact your representatives and tell them that you will not accept these dangerous attempts to increase trucker workdays. Don’t sacrifice trucker health and driver safety for executive profits!

December 13, 2018


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