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Think your “organic” seafood is safe? It might not be. Banned and ecologically dangerous chemicals have been found at self-pro-claimed organic seafood farms. That’s because the “organic” labels and standards are determined by the industry. These labels are confusing and the standards are without public input or scrutiny, are not enforceable and sometimes inaccurate. With your help, that’s going to change. California is stepping up and on the verge of restricting and correcting this erroneous industry while the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is developing federal regulations. SB 730, legislation introduced by Senator Jackie Speier, is about to be voted on by the CA State Assembly by the end of the month. It will ban the use of the organic label on all fish and seafood sold in the state until the USDA or state of California creates a set of credible, authentic organic certification standards.

You can stop seafood companies from getting away with misleading labels and standards. Make sure your organic seafood is safe.

Act Now!! Tell Your Assembly Member to Support SB 730! Help Protect the Integrity of the Organic Label!

January 16, 2019


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