Michael Baroody: a Fox in the Henhouse

Victory! Baroody withdraws his nomination. Learn more here.

As early as the first week in May, the Senate will hold a confirmation hearing for Michael Baroody to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)a nomination Lou Dobbs appropriately called "simply outrageous." We couldn't agree more.

The CPSC is the government agency charged with protecting consumers from potentially dangerous products, such as flamable children's pajamas or collapsing cribs.

Baroody has spent the past decade doing everything in his power to limit the ability of regulatory agencies like the CPSC to protect consumers. As executive vice president for the National Association of Manufacturers, he was a leader in its lobbying and political work, and a key spokesman for its efforts with the Business Industry Political Action Committee and other groups to help elect anti-regulation candidates.

If confirmed, decades of safety protections could be rolled back—Tell the Senate “NO!”

February 16, 2019


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