Stop Construction of New Nuclear Reactor

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is proposing to restart construction on Watts Bar 2

In December 1995 TVA completed a comprehensive environmental review of energy generation sources that would meet the demand for power for the TVA system through 2020.  In this review, TVA determined that nuclear power was unnecessary to meet demand and in fact that its performance was uncertain and its cost too high. Construction on the second reactor at the Watts Bar facility was discontinued. NOW,...

What’s Changed?

TVA is reviewing environmental impacts of the possible completion and operation of Watts Bar 2 and has made a draft supplemental environmental impact statement (DSEIS) available for public comment.
For a copy of the DSEIS click here.
Nuclear Hazard


We urge you to:

Find out more about the negative effects of nuclear power on your communities ecology and health and on your electricity bills!

Send your concerns to TVA; you can either send the brief comments below or make it more personal by editing the letter yourself.  To view Public Citizen's full comments click here.

All written comments must be received by May 14.  Comments may be submitted by mail to: Ruth Horton, 400 Summit Hill Drive, Knoxville, TN 37902. By internet: By fax: (865)632-3451

For more information on nuclear power and how to stop its spread.  Contact Allison Fisher.

January 16, 2019


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