Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) has been a Disaster:
Stop Congressional Reauthorization

When it was first passed, PDUFA was supposed to help get necessary and backlogged drugs approved and on the market so that they could benefit the public. Unfortunately, it’s been responsible instead for a marked increase in the number of drugs banned for safety reasons.

Write your Members of Congress and tell them you oppose PDUFA because

  • User fees created by PDFUA have created a conflict of interest because the agency is funded in part by the industry it is supposed to be regulating.
  • This has led to poor quality reviews of drugs and thus the release of dangerous products. Since PDUFA, more drugs have been approved and then banned, causing needless deaths/injuries.
  • Working conditions at the FDA have plummeted since PDUFA, resulting in high staff turnover and sweatshop-like conditions.

Tell your Members of Congress: Protect our health and return the agency’s funding source to those to whom the agency is supposed to be accountable: the American taxpayer.

January 16, 2019


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