“Deal” on Trade is Slippery Slope – Take Action Now!

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Last November, Americans loudly rejected the Bush administration’s more-of-the-same NAFTA expansion trade policy and elected a freshman class in Congress who have committed to changing the status quo and paving the way towards a new, fairer global economy.

But, on Thursday, May 10th of this year, a handful of Democrats joined the White House and the Republicans in charge of trade to announce a “deal” that would facilitate the passage of various Bush NAFTA-style “free trade” agreements (FTAs). The deal added labor standards, but failed to excise all of the outrageous NAFTA-style foreign investor, procurement and other rules that are destroying our middle class.

Please use the form below to let your representatives know that you want them to make sure there are no more Bush NAFTA expansion agreements, and instead you expect Congress to chart a NEW course for trade and globalization.

This form will send the letter to your Representative and to both of your Senators.

For more information read our full alert here: http://action.citizen.org/content.jsp?content_KEY=2761&t=BlankTemplate.dwt

February 16, 2019


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