Where's the Beef? 

In 2006, we were promised a change. The new Congress was to be the cleanest in history - bringing the "culture of corruption" to an end - and lobbying and ethics reform led the agenda.

Well, after months of waiting, we finally have a lobbying reform bill in the House (H.R. 2316) [link].  But the bill the House will vote on THIS WEEK is hardly the cleanup we were promised.
This bill needs some beefing up!

Tell your member of Congress to add the following strengthening amendments to the bill:

  • Where's the beef?Revolving Door amendment – to slow the door that swings between K Street and the Capitol, allowing elected officials to cash in as lobbyists;
  • Bundling disclosure amendment – reporting by lobbyists who funnel stacks of cash to members of Congress; and 
  • Astroturf amendment  – tell us who is spending massive amounts of money to lobby Congress with “grassroots” and how much is being spent.

It is essential that the House hear from you now!  Please take a minute to call (House directory/ (202) 225-3121).

"Hello.  I am calling Representative ______________ to express my profound disappointment in the lobbying and ethics bill that is about to be brought to the floor.  The bill must be amended to make it live up to the promises to clean up Washington.  I urge Representative _____________ to support amendments to slow the REVOLVING DOOR, disclose BUNDLING of contributions by lobbyists and tell us more about money being spent on ASTROTURF lobbying.  Thank you."

Let us know who you call and what response you get: action@citizen.org

If you prefer, take action by personalizing the letter below to your Representative.

March 21, 2019


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