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Let's Get Real Reform

Slow the revolving doorNo matter what issue you care about – universal health care, fair trade, energy independence, global warming – it will be difficult to make significant progress unless we break the stranglehold that corporate America has on Congress.

We are on the verge of putting the brakes on the influence corporate lobbyists have in Congress. With your help, we have pressured both the House of Representatives and the Senate to pass ethics and lobbying reform bills.

However, one key provision is in jeopardy because it is in the Senate bill but not the House bill:

  • Revolving Door - We need to restrict the ability of lawmakers from cashing in on their public service by taking lucrative jobs in the private sector and influencing their former colleagues.

On a separate track, Congress still needs an Office of Public Integrity established to monitor compliance with lobbying and ethics rules and investigate violations. Because Congress does not do a good job of enforcing its own ethics rules, an independent ethics agency is needed.

It is essential that Congress take efforts to slow the revolving door and improve rules enforcement. Please take a minute to call (House directory/ (202) 225-3121) or personalize the email below.

January 29, 2015


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