Hold Maryland doctors accountable for their mistakes

Nothing in this world is more valuable than your health. But doctors sometimes make mistakes, and when they do, they must be held accountable and the public must be protected.

That’s why state medical boards are so important. They are responsible for disciplining doctors who have violated the law. Yet last year, your state doled out only 61 serious disciplinary actions (such as license revocations or suspensions). Over the past three years (2004-2006), the average rate of serious disciplinary actions was just 2.25 actions per 1,000 doctors in your state – and we think the Maryland Board of Physicians could do a better job at protecting the public.

Send a letter to the Maryland Board of Physicians today and tell them you want greater accountability for doctors:

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January 16, 2019

Make Maryland doctors accountable!

Dear C. Irving Pinder, Maryland Board of Physicians,

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