Inactive Alert: Thank you for your interest: Last Chance to Save Ghana's Water!


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With your help the Ghana National Coalition against the Privatisation of Water (NCAP) has successfully forced several water companies to withdraw their bids on the Ghana water privatization project AND stalled the project for FOUR YEARS. 

Now, we are calling on you again to take one more action to stop the remaining bidding companies from taking over Ghana’s water.

The World Bank-proposed privatization will:

  • Raise the price of water, impacting most heavily the majority poor population that makes less than US$1 a day;
  • Reduce local control over vital natural resources; and
  • Increase unemployment and social dislocation

Take action NOW by sending an e-mail to the multinational corporations bidding on Ghana’s water and demand that they WITHDRAW THEIR BIDS! Our goal is to send 500 emails; already, 470 people have taken action. Help us hit our goal TODAY!

>> click here for more information on Ghana and water privatization


March 21, 2019


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