Petition: Keep Social Security out of Trade Deals

Public Citizen has joined with social security advocates USAction and Americans for Democratic Action to publish a new report that reveals provisions in the proposed U.S. - Peru "free trade agreement" (FTA) that could undermine attempts to fix Peru's failed social security privatization.

A vote on the Peru NAFTA expansion is set for the week of November 5th!

If the FTA passes with no changes, multinational corporations like Citibank will be the big winners at the expense of the poor and elderly in Peru, and a terrible precedent will be set. You can help us make sure Congress blocks this terrible deal by signing this petition.

Petition to Congress:

"As if any agreement expanding NAFTA is not offensive enough, it's absolutely outrageous that the proposed U.S.-Peru 'free trade agreement' contains provisions that could make it difficult for Peru to reverse its failed social security privatization.

Americans overwhelmingly rejected the Bush administration's proposal to privatize our Social Security system here in the United States. It would be hypocritical - and a very bad precedent - to lock in Peru's failed social security privatization by allowing such provisions to remain in the proposed Peru FTA.

No trade agreement should ever have rules that affect government policy on social security. I urge you to vote against the Peru NAFTA Expansion."

To read the full Public Citizen alert about social security privatization and trade, click here.

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December 13, 2018


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