Big Oil Flexed, Coal Companies Pressured,
the Senate Caved, You Could Lose

Write Your House Member:
The Corruption Stops NOW-Address Global Climate Change and Energy Prices

On June 21, the Senate gave in to the corporate lobbyists and passed energy legislation (HR 6) that does little to address climate change or alleviate high energy prices. The bill :

  • Fails to require electric companies to produce more renewable energy
  • Doesn’t address climate change
  • Won’t repeal billions of dollars in oil company subsidies.

What DOES it do? It starts out with modest efficiency targets for some appliances and deteriorates rapidly by:

  • Spending more than $1.5 billion to research how to stuff carbon dioxide underground
  • Setting a controversial mandate to use 36 billion gallons of ethanol for motor fuel by 2022
  • Establishing a weak fuel economy standard.

This won’t get the job done. Tell your Representative, "Blaze a different path and implement Public Citizen’s five-point energy policy reform!"

March 21, 2019


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