Fair Trade Activist Spotlight: Dannette Sharpley

Raleigh activist Dannette Sharpley stood up to the corporate bullies in her neighborhood. You can too! Use the form below to send congratulations to Dannette!


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Global Trade Watch salutes grassroots activist Dannette Sharpley from Raleigh, North Carolina, a part-time union organizer for technology sector workers and a part-time coordinator of the North Carolina Fair Trade Coalition who led the fight to stop the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in one of the most trade-impacted states in the country.

Born in Ohio, Dannette has been a resident of North Carolina since 1992, working on union, social justice, anti-racism, and anti-war fights. Her broad interests mirrors that of many trade activists-she sees and understands the linkage between the politics of international trade policies and the struggles for labor rights and fair wages, civil rights, peace, democracy, and global justice.

During the CAFTA fight, Dannette worked tirelessly to knit together a coalition of labor unions, church groups, Latin American solidarity groups, farmers and environmentalists to convince North Carolina's six Democratic congressional representatives to listen to their concerned constituents instead of the huge multinational corporations and trade federations pushing the deal.

North Carolina had lost 237,800 manufacturing jobs between 1994 and 2004, so suspicion of free trade runs deep in the state. But lobbyists for Microsoft and for the National Pork Producers Council were pounding on their traditional free-trader allies like Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-Raleigh).

Despite the resources they were up against, Dannette and the North Carolina Fair Trade Coalition never backed down. They alternated protests with district meetings, and when the gavel fell on July 27th, all six of the NC Democrats had voted against CAFTA!

The CAFTA fight inspired Dannette to seek a full-time organizing job, but because of a special interest in the country of Colombia and the struggle of Colombians of African descent, she's also keeping a close eye on the Bush Administration's plan to expand NAFTA and CAFTA to Colombia through the Andean Free Trade Agreement (AFTA). Here at Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, we are also concerned about AFTA, so we'll be sure to be working more with Dannette in the near future.

Dannette deserves a high five for her work to stop CAFTA, and for her commitment to social justice over the long haul. Use the form below to send Dannette a high five for her important victories in North Carolina.

February 16, 2019

Thank you, Dannette

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