No More Taxation Without Representation

DC VoteAttention: we must act now!  The Senate has passed the DC Voting Rights Act and the House of Representatives will likely take it up the issue soon.

The citizens of the District of Columbia have been denied a voice in Congress far too long.  Now, we are closer than ever to ending this gross injustice – but we need your help.

Senate passage of the DC Voting Rights Act (S. 160) was a real step towards victory; unfortunately, the Senate also passed and attached an amendment to the bill that would gut D.C.'s local gun control laws.

President Obama should not have to consider the dangerous and unnecessary gun amendment at the same time he acts to return voting rights to the people of D.C.  The House must negotiate with the Senate to have the gun measure removed from the final legislation. 

With the House voting on the bill as soon as Wednesday, we must act quickly to stop this gun-slinging measure from becoming law.  Take action now to tell your House representative to vote YES on the DC Voting Rights Act, and NO on any gun amendment or other amendment attached.  This is a civil and voting rights bill – democracy should have no amendments.

Call or email your representative now!  See the script and the sample letter below:

House of Representatives Directory | (202) 224-3121

Hello. My name is [NAME] and I am from [CITY, STATE].  I am calling to urge Representative  _______ to vote “YES” on the DC House Voting Rights Act.  DC citizens pay full federal taxes and have fought and died in every war, but they are denied representation in Congress.  On February 26th, 2009, the Senate passed the "DC House Voting Rights Act," but also a dangerous and unnecessary gun amendment.  The President should not have to consider the  gun amendment at the same time he acts to return voting rights to the people of the District of Columbia.  The House must negotiate with the Senate to have the gun measure removed from the final legislation.  Representative _______ should vote FOR the DC Voting Rights and AGAINST the gun measure. 

Report your phone calls.  Let us know what response you receive by emailing us at .

Now send an instant email to your representative:

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April 19, 2014


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