Petition: Food Safety Crisis Needs Trade Fix

Amidst growing public concern about imported food safety, proposed expansions of NAFTA to Panama and Colombia (as well as the already-passed Peru NAFTA expansion) would worsen the ongoing food and safety crisis – increasing the amount of imported food and locking in trade agreement limits on Congress’ ability to protect our safety.

We need our members of congress to fight for a new direction on trade policy that prioritizes health and safety over corporate profits. Can you sign the petition to Congress?

Petition to Congress:

"It is past time for Congress to take action to safeguard American consumers from dangerous food imports. With international trade deals like NAFTA and the World Trade Organization requiring us to import food that does not meet our own safety rules and limiting border inspection of food imports, now is the time to be fixing these failed agreements - not expanding them.

Implementing the Bush NAFTA expansion agreements with Peru, Panama, Colombia and South Korea would replicate the NAFTA-WTO limits on Congress' ability to protect our food safety - while increasing the amount of unsafe food imports! Please vote 'no' on any and all of these NAFTA expansion agreements. This is necessary to avoid making the imported food safety problem even worse."

To read the full Public Citizen alert about food safety and trade, click here.

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December 13, 2018

Want to fix the imported food security crisis? Then fix our broken NAFTA trade policies!

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