Public Citizen Requests Your Attendance

Attend the Public Meeting on the Proposed New Reactor at Calvert Cliffs

August 14th, 2007

Open House from 5 to 7

Public Meeting from 7 to 9:30

at the Holiday Inn - Solomons, Maryland


Public Citizen Organizer, Allison, wants you to know that:

  • Building a new reactor at Calvert Cliffs would be expensive, threaten public health, and damage the environment.  
  • A third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant increases the risk of an accident or terrorist attack.  
  • The new reactor would generate an estimated 1,250 metric tons of radioactive waste during its 40 years of operation.  
  • That waste would be stored at Calvert Cliffs.  
  • Calvert County has already granted $300 million in tax breaks to Constellation Energy. This is equal to $4,500 per taxpayer in Calvert County.  
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar, and ocean power, are economically competitive with nuclear power without the negative impacts on the environment and public health and safety.

Tell Allison that you will attend to pose your question and concerns about a new reactor in Maryland.

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