JUST IN: Issue Defeated: Fight for a right to know where your food is from!

The Food Labeling Program was defeated -- see Public Citizen's Press Release.

Thank you for your interest and willingness to act on behalf of consumer justice.  Stay tuned for information about how Public Citizen recommends activists redress this matter

Many countries require companies to label where the food they sell comes from – these are known as country-of-origin (COOL) labels. But here in the United States, such labeling rules are only required for seafood. It’s time that the origins of the rest of our food be properly labeled –  especially meats? Mandatory COOL enables consumers to make informed decisions about the food you eat, and allows domestic farmers and ranchers to differentiate their product from imports. But agribusiness wants to keep consumers in the dark, and continues to try to delay COOL or kill it!

Please write to your Senators, asking them to OPPOSE any attempts to further delay or weaken mandatory COOL, and to SUPPORT speeding up implementation of COOL. (A vote is expected soon!) You can edit the text below, and we urge you to USE A FEW OF YOUR OWN WORDS OR THOUGHTS, PARTICULARLY IN THE SUBJECT LINE AND FIRST SENTENCE OR TWO OF TEXT. It is always more effective with a member of Congress if he or she knows it is a truly personal message. If you want more details, see our press release.

December 18, 2018


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