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STOP: Do Not do this Action Alert unless you are a Hawaiian Resident!

A food irradiation facility, using radioactive cobalt-60, is planned to be built on state-owned land adjacent to the Honolulu international airport. Radioactive material in an area as populated as Honolulu is a bad idea. When the military, travel, environmental and weather factors are considered, it gets even worse. Currently, despite many environmental and safety concerns, Hawaiian officials are hedging as to whether any environmental impact statement of this facility will be conducted! If you are a Hawaiian resident, please write your representatives and state officials below and tell them you oppose this facility. 

 Talking points:
  • This facility is planned for a very bad location. Radioactive material should not be located next to Honolulu international airport, numerous military bases (including Pearl Harbor), and state parks. Furthermore, the site may be at risk for flooding. 
  •  An environmental impact statement (EIS) is necessary. A formal review of the potential environmental impacts of this facility on nearby people and habitat should be required.
  • Irradiation facilities have accidents sometimes, and those accidents are dangerous and costly. In fact, a food irradiation facility in Honolulu leaked radioactive water in the 1960’s, which led to a half-million dollar taxpayer-subsidized clean-up in 1980.
  • Cobalt-60 could be used by terrorists to make a dirty bomb, which has devastating consequences. The Federation of American Scientists modeled the detonation of a foot-long rod of Cobalt obtained from a food irradiation plant, and found that it would contaminate 1000 square kilometers, with a 10% risk of death from cancer for residents living inside a 300 city block area for 40 years following the detonation.
  • Consumers don’t want irradiated food. Irradiated food may cause tumor growth and cellular and genetic damage, and depletes vitamins. Due to low demand, numerous irradiation facilities have gone out of business and stores have yanked irradiated food from their shelves.

A personal letter is much more effective than a prewritten letter, so please take five minutes to write NO to this dangerous proposal! Email to be part of the action alert list for this campaign. Not a Hawaiian resident? Please make sure to sign the petition.

The letter currently only has one sentence- you have to write the rest of the letter.

March 21, 2019


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