Say No to the Honolulu Irradiation Facility!

This Action Alert is for people who do NOT live in Hawaii.

At the end of the exit ramp at the Honolulu International Airport, visitors and returning residents should find leis, beaches, and tropical weather, not radioactive materials. However, a fruit company wants to build a food irradiation facility adjacent to the Honolulu airport that uses the radioactive material cobalt 60; this site is also very near Pearl Harbor, air force bases, and other military sites. This is a very bad location for the facility, as irradiation facilities can leak and cause serious contamination and terrorists could use the cobalt 60 to create a "dirty bomb". Moreover, most consumers don't want irradiated food, as it may promote tumor growth and cause genetic and cellular damage.

As a potential tourist to Hawaii, please send the email below to the Hawaii Visitors Convention Bureau and the Hawaii Tourism Authority, outlining your concerns and urging them to oppose the irradiation facility.

If you are a Hawaiian resident, please click here to send an email to your representatives.

January 16, 2019


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