This alert is no longer active: Fix Mad Cow Disease Loopholes

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The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed new rules on what material is permitted in animal feed but these proposals are still too weak to fully protect us from mad cow disease. Mad cow disease is believed to be transmitted when cattle eat nervous system tissues from animals infected with the disease.  

These new rules would allow some nervous system tissues to be used in animal feed. Moreover, these rules still allow the use of cattle blood, waste from the floors of poultry houses, and processed restaurant plate waste to be fed to cattle. The new rules will not address these loopholes – all of which allow pathways for the disease to spread. Feed regulations that are truly protective of animal and public health must incorporate a ban on all bovine nervous system tissues in all animal feed and end the exemptions for blood, plate waste and poultry litter. Until these changes are made by FDA, consumers will remain at risk.

March 21, 2019


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