You Are in Charge: Discipline CAFTA Yeas, Thank CAFTA Nays


How bad is the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)? It will::

  • Push wage levels down throughout the Americas
  • Block needed environmental reforms
  • Limit poor Central Americans' access to HIV/AIDS medicines

Members of Congress knew you did not want to support CAFTA and yet it did pass by the proverbial razor thin margin (217 to 215).  Why? Because Bush and his administration made promises to Reps. 

Did your Rep cave? (Click to see how your Rep voted) If so, call and say you don't approve, ask for a written letter explaining the reason and advise him or her that you and your neighbors will be all be voting in the next election.

Did your Rep get it right? Call and thank the Member's office, ask for future opposition to agreements like CAFTA and request a written letter explaining his or her rationale for voting against this dangerous legislation.

Call the Capitol Switchboard NOW at (202)-224-3121, ask for your Member's office and then request to speak with the staff person in charge of trade issues. Need to know who your rep is?  Click here. Want to know more about CAFTA: Get more Get more details. Does your Rep have a CAFTA DAMAGE REPORT? Find out.

Help us with our lobbying efforts, tell us what your Rep said, it's easy, just use the form below.


March 21, 2019

I called my Rep about CAFTA

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