This alert is not active: “Organics” should not include factory farm dairies

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The federal organic standards require that dairy cows have "access to pasture" and yet, an increasing number of farms have been producing "organic" milk in confinement conditions where cows go long periods without going outside. These factory farm "organic" producers are putting family-scale organic farmers at a disadvantage. The National Organic Standards Board passed a new rule last spring that would tighten the organic regulations, and make sure dairy cows could actually graze on the land, and not just have token access to pasture. However, the USDA rejected that rule, saying that the language was too ambiguous. The agency continues to delay any remedy of the situation.

Please send an email to Secretary of Agriculture Johanns, crafted by the Cornucopia Institute, urging him to allow the standards to be adjusted so that organic farming and food remain a meaningful alternative! Tell Johanns to allow the National Organic Standards Board to revise and finalize the stronger "access to pasture" organic regulations at their November meeting.

December 18, 2018


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