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Auto Safety Activist Connie Godowns

Auto Safety Activist Connie Godowns
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The Public Citizen Auto Safety group honors grassroots activist Connie Godowns. In mid-October, Connie came to Washington, D.C. from her home in Beaufort, South Carolina to persuade members of Congress that tired truck drivers pose a serious hazard to everyone who drives on the highway. Connie became an activist after she and her family and friends were in a terrible crash in March 2001. The crash killed her husband, Asa. The truck driver was rushing down a two-lane highway in South Carolina to meet a deadline for delivering his goods. After he passed another truck, he slammed into Connie and the other passengers. Connie has persevered through this unspeakable tragedy, devoting herself to working toward better hours of service limits for trucks in order to prevent this kind of tragedy for other families. We are so grateful for her support in our campaign to improve truck safety.

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January 16, 2019

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