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Tyson Slocum

      Tyson Slocum tells all about our energy crisis

Public Citizen's Tyson Slocum

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Just In: ExxonMobil announces astonishing profits: hear Tyson's outrage (.mp3 file)

Americans are already paying record high gasoline prices, but unfortunately, we ain't seen nothing yet. This winter's home heating bills will be unaffordable for millions of Americans, forcing families to decide whether to make their mortgage/rent payment on time, buy all the groceries they need, or pay the utility bill.
It is important to remember that there's a direct connection between the record high prices we pay and the record profits enjoyed by the oil and natural gas companies. Since President Bush took office, the 5 largest oil/natural gas companies have enjoyed $254 billion in profits. But, apparently, politicians in DC didn't think those profits were big enough. On August 8 President Bush signed into law "comprehensive" energy legislation that spends $6 billion of our money in new tax breaks and other subsidies for oil companies while doing nothing to hold them accountable for price-gouging. Obviously, the oil and natural gas companies used their personal connections with the President and the $54 million in campaign contributions since 2001 to federal politicians (80% to Republicans) to help write this pork-barrel law.
Please call your Senators and your Representative (find your rep) and demand that they:

  • First, repeal the $6 billion in tax breaks and other subsidies just handed to oil companies and instead give that money back to the American people.
  • Second, enact a windfall profits tax to ensure that Americans won't continue to be price-gouged.

Then take a second to write me and tell me how your call went. It will help me act on your behalf.

March 21, 2019

Tyson, I called my reps.

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