You Won! Make a call to end corruption in CT state politics!

The House approved (82-65) the bill which is on it's way to the Governor who promises to sign it. Thank you.

After months of avoiding the issue through political maneuvering, Connecticut legislators will finally have to vote on a real campaign finance measure.  That vote will likely happen tomorrow, Wednesday November 30, so you need to make a call TODAY or FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING to your State Senator and Representative to tell them to vote YES for campaign finance reform.

Lobbyists and special interests are working to defeat this bill and maintain the pay-to-play status quo in Connecticut politics, so your calls are urgently needed today!

Senate Dems: 1-800-842-1420
Senate R's: 1-800-842-1421
House Dems: 1-800-842-8267
House R's: 1-800-842-8270

After you make your calls, please help us track the impact of our work by reporting them in the space below. along with any comments

Thanks again!

Gordon Clark, Field Director, Public Citizen's Congress Watch

December 13, 2018


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