Tell Your Member of Congress to Stand Up to Big Oil!

It's that time of the year when we approach the holiday season. For many Americans, buying gifts for loved ones will be a little tougher this year as we struggle with high energy prices.

Meanwhile, oil companies are cashing in on the high prices they're charging consumers, enjoying the biggest profits in history of the U.S., with the biggest 5 posting profits of $81 billion in just the first 9 months of 2005.

And President Bush and Congress are in a gift-giving mood. Except they're giving the presents to oil companies - not to consumers!

 A quick and easy call to action from Tyson Slocum  

A quick and easy call to action
from Public Citizen's Director
of Energy Programs, Tyson Slocum

On November 9, the Senate agreed to have executives from the 5 biggest oil companies appear to defend their record profits. But as part of the bargain forcing them to come to Washington, the Republican majority agreed to allow the oil company executives to NOT testify under oath!

Now, the Senate practically redeemed itself by passing a tax bill (S. 2020) on November 18 that would repeal one of the big tax breaks that Bush's energy bill from this summer gave to ExxonMobil et al, and closes a big oil company tax loophole that will raise a total of $4.5 billion from oil companies.

So, other than the oil companies, who would have a problem with collecting more taxes from America's wealthiest industry? President Bush. In fact, President Bush issued a statement threatening to VETO S. 2020 unless the oil company tax increases were removed. And the leaders in the House of Representatives have said that there's no way their version of the bill will contain these oil company tax increases.

Don't let President Bush and the House be the Grinch this holiday season. Please contact your members of Congress and demand that they support the taxes on oil companies in S. 2020.

March 21, 2019


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