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While many members of Congress are riding the fence on President Bush's proposed NAFTA expansion to the South American country of Peru, Big Oil has already put its cards on the table. Back in 2004, shortly after the kick-off of negotiations on the Peru deal, only 13 percent of Peru's Amazon was zoned for oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Today, that figure is over 65 percent.

What's driving the gobbling up, you ask? The Peru NAFTA expansion gives incentives for exactly this kind of behavior. It goes beyond even NAFTA in making any changes to oil contracts a basis for corporate lawsuits against the government – even changes necessary to protect the environment or indigenous peoples. In short, if Big Oil gets its way on Bush's Peru NAFTA push, it will help heat up the planet, reduce our energy independence and cause irreversible destruction to the Amazonian rainforest.

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August 24, 2016


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Help Save the Peruvian Amazon - Take Action Now!