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The Auto Safety group continues to keep you safe on the highways and reports back a special win for you regarding vehicle safety!

Congress passed critical auto safety provisions in the federal transportation authorization bill, SAFETEA-LU, in July. These auto safety provisions require the government to issue new safety standards to upgrade its decades-old vehicle roof strength standard, improve vehicle rollover prevention efforts, and to prevent ejection from vehicles, including larger vehicles and 15-passenger vans – among many other provisions. Public Citizen’s Auto Safety Group worked toward passage of the legislation for more than three years, supporting its advancement with research-driven reports, press conferences with experts and survivor advocates, fact sheets, media outreach and briefings for federal legislators.

Public Citizen’s Auto Safety Group also helped to influence the federal government to consider a vehicle size-based federal fuel economy program instead of a weight-based program. The Auto Safety Group led a coalition of environmental and auto safety groups to produce a unified set of working principles to oppose weight-based standards in the federal proposal to restructure fuel economy standards. These changes would be consistent with our strong belief that vehicle size and design are the most important factors in determining a vehicle’s level of safety.

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Auto Safety Deputy Director Laura MacCleery

Auto Safety Deputy Director Laura MacCleery

Each year, more than 40,000 Americans die on the nation's highways, making automobile crashes one of the leading causes of death. But the carnage on our highways could be dramatically reduced by stronger standards for vehicle safety and more sensible regulation of the trucking industry.

The Auto Safety Group has been a part of Public Citizen since 1971. We work to improve highway safety by lobbying Congress to pass critical legislation, monitoring the Department of Transportation to be sure it carries out the will of Congress, conducting public awareness campaigns on critical issues, and participating in lawsuits to force government action when necessary.

December 18, 2018


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