Tell Progress Energy That You Oppose the Building of New Nuclear Reactors in Florida!

Florida is being targeted as a location for new nuclear power plants. Protect your family and your community from radioactive waste -- and stop the building of these new nearby plants! Building new reactors will not benefit the people of Florida and there are much better ways of meeting our energy needs.


New nuclear plants will burden communities with radioactive waste, bring few local economic benefits, and pose serious security risks. They will also fall far short of effectively addressing climate change.

Renewable energy technologies are a viable alternative to nuclear power, and can meet our energy needs without these burdens.

Tell Progress not to build new nuclear reactors in Florida! Write a letter to Progress Florida CEO H. William Habermeyer Jr., tell him that you want clean alternative energy, not nuclear power.

For more information on the sites Progress is considering in FL, click here.
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For more information on the viability of renewable energy as an alternative to nuclear power, click


January 17, 2019


Dear Mr. Habermeyer Jr,

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