Don't Put Profit Over People

In early January, the U.S. and Thai governments met in Thailand to negotiate intellectual property provisions for a free trade agreement. The agreement promises to net multinational drug companies big profits while leaving Thai people without affordable access to AIDS drugs and other essential medicines. U.S.-Thai Protest

In response, ten thousand Thai activists, over half of them living with HIV and AIDS, took to the streets, demanding a halt to the negotiations until their voices are heard and life-threatening provisions are taken off the table.

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How you can help!US-Thai Protest Photo Five

Join our fellow activists at HealthGAP, the Mobilization for Global Justice, and the Student Global AIDS Campaign in their struggle against this injustice. Send an email to Barbara Weisel, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Asia-Pacific and Pharmaceutical Policy, and tell her to halt the U.S.-Thai negotiations until civil society voices are involved and intellectual property provisions that put profit over people are removed.

Please take the time to personalize your email - that way it will be more meaningful.

December 13, 2018


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