No Free Pass for Polluters!

Congress is working on climate change legislation this spring, and several bills have included provisions that would give polluters hundreds of billions of dollars in free rights to pollute.  Take action to make sure any bill that goes to the president ensures that polluters pay.

Bills that are now circulating the House and Senate would set up a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system.  A company would be given a limited number of permits, or rights to emit global warming pollution, and the total number of these permits would be "capped" at a set maximum amount, which is reduced each year through 2050.  Polluters under a cap-and-trade may buy or sell these rights to pollute.

The key choice for Congress is this:  permits can be either sold off in an auction or "allocated" -- simply given away.  Certain bills currently under consideration allow some or even all permits to be allocated rather than auctioned off.

Tell your representatives that any bill must distribute 100 percent of allocations by auction from the beginning of the program until the end.  No giveaway to greenhouse gas polluters!

January 17, 2019


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