White House: NOT for Sale!

The 2008 presidential candidates are engaged in never-ending race for campaign contributions – relying more than ever on bundlers and big donors to pay for America's first-ever $1 billion presidential campaign. These bundlers in turn attain special access and plum appointments as reward for their support.

It was not always like this. For years, the presidential public funding system worked to level the playing field by setting limits on campaign spending and preventing candidates from becoming indebted to major contributors. Since the Bush campaign in 2000, it has failed as an alternative to big special interest money because it has not kept up with the costs of modern campaigns.

Champions of fair elections in both houses of Congress have introduced the “Presidential Funding Act of 2007” to update the system. This legislation would make the public funding system a viable alternative in today’s political environment.

Please take a minute to add your own words to the letter below and tell your members of Congress to co-sponsor and help pass the fix for funding presidential elections.

December 16, 2018


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