We won!  All of your emails led to the Senate dropping Bond's amendment from consideration in the farm bill!

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Keep the Bond Poison Pill Amendment OUT of the Farm Bill!
So what's at risk? 
  • Regulations to make sure the food on your plate is free of deadly pathogens like E. coli and mad cow disease. 
  • Standards to reduce dirty emissions from agricultural equipment or biofuels. 
  • Safeguards to protect the environment from factory farm operations. 
  • Rules to ensure that animals are humanely transported and slaughtered. 
  • Health and safety protections for workers in agriculture, forestry, ranching, companies that manufacture farm equipment, emergency responders to wildfires.

And much more.

The farm bill could put food in the mouths of poor children and make sure that military families aren't cut off from food stamps just because they're getting combat pay during the war.  But it could all go to waste unless the Senate hears from you and rejects Senator Bond’s poison pill anti-regulatory amendment.

Bond's Poison Pill Amendment would create new ways for industry to delay or weaken needed protections for food safety, clean air, worker health and safety, animal welfare, and much, much more.
  • Paralysis by analysis:  The agencies that are supposed to protect us would get tied up in all sorts of needless red tape and time-wasting analyses any time they are working on a regulatory protection that would affect a lot of "agricultural entities" -- a phrase written to make you think of traditional family farms, but defined in its legalese to cover just about any corporate special interest with any tie at all to agriculture, ranching, or forestry.
  • Special access for special interests:  The amendment would give corporate special interests with any vague connection to agriculture a first crack at influencing regulations long before the public ever gets a chance to weigh in.
  • Using taxpayer dollars for industry lobbying:  The amendment would give industry an in-house lobbyist in the USDA to advocate for their interests.
Tell the Senate we need to put food in the mouths of poor kids... not this poison pill that could make us all sick!  Tell the Senate to keep the Bond Poison Pill Amendment OUT of the farm bill!

December 18, 2018


Dear Senator,

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