ALASKA: Tell Stevens to Put Safety First

Manufacturers often wait nearly three years before telling the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about a defective product that can kill people - and the CPSC typically takes another seven months before negotiating a recall and warning the public.

We need a strong, effective Consumer Product Safety Commission to truly protect children and consumers. 

Senator Ted Stevens and his colleagues on the Senate commerce committee have passed S. 2045, which would give the CPSC the power to stop dangerous toys at our borders and apply tough penalties when companies sell dangerous and defective products. The bill also provides important whistleblower protections and closes loopholes that allow companies to stay quiet about potential dangers - and even sue the CPSC to keep the public in the dark.

Using the form below, please send a letter urging Sen. Stevens to fight to get the Senate bill passed intact - without amendments or weakening changes - for our health and safety. Please make any changes to the text that you think will persuade Sen. Stevens to act.

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January 16, 2019


Dear Senator Stevens,

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