Recycle EPA head Stephen Johnson!

For too long Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L. Johnson has used his position to weaken regulation meant to protect the environment.  The latest abuse of his position was his denial of California's request to set greenhouse gas emissions standards for motor vehicles.

California asked for a waiver in order to set stronger curbs on emissions.  Using tortured logic, Mr. Johnson claims that California's case is not "compelling or extraordinary" because the catastrophic effects of global warming will be felt worldwide.

Recently released internal memos from the EPA and congressional testimony by former agency Associate Deputy Administrator Jason Burnett show that Johnson’s staff sided with California.  It was even revealed that Johnson himself felt that California should be granted a full or partial waiver; that is, until the White House informed him of Bush’s "policy preferences."

By refusing California's request Johnson reveals that he is just a lackey of the Bush administration - pandering to corporate interests instead performing his job.

Please tell Congress to do the environmentally friendly thing and toss Johnson in the recycling bin!

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February 18, 2019


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