Say No to Roy Blunt!

Congratulations!  Thanks to your hard work and dedication, Tom DeLay has been permanently dethroned from his post as majority leader.  

According to a survey recently conducted by Public for Growth, a majority of voters do not want to see that office filled by a “Congressman who is Tom DeLay's top assistant” or who “has long and close ties to the Washington lobbying community.”  Unfortunately, that is exactly who House Republicans have chosen.

Newly-elected majority leader Roy Blunt, who served as majority whip for three years under DeLay, learned much of his leadership style from his predecessor.  DeLay’s fall was brought about in large part by his fundraising ties to K Street and his veritable partnership with felon-lobbyist Jack Abramoff—associations that taint Blunt’s record as well.

Additionally, Blunt has enjoyed more than 100 corporate subsidized flights since 2001, has dangerously close ties to the communications and tobacco industries (Blunt’s wife and son are lobbyists for Altria Corp.), and has accepted more than $429,000 in campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists since 1999.  For more on Blunt’s rap sheet, please see Public Citizen’s new report.

 We cannot stand by silently as Roy Blunt brings to the second highest office in the House the same affinity for cronyism and disregard for ethics we have fought so hard against.  Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, voicing your disgust and disbelief that, after all that has been revealed by the DeLay-Abramoff scandal, House Republicans have elected a leader so tightly entwined with the disgraced influence-peddler he is replacing.

Be sure to craft an original letter, explaining your concerns about Roy Blunt and the ethical disarray of the House.  Editors are wary of submissions that appear to be mass produced, and not only will they not publish your letter if they suspect this is the case, they might also disregard any letters you write to them in the future.  For specific facts to back up your arguments, feel free to reference our Blunt Report.

 As always, thank you for all you do to protect our democracy. 

March 21, 2019


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