Save Florida's Public Funding System

Florida's public campaign finance system is under attack.

Florida's system of public financing for statewide campaigns is one of the oldest in the country and has served Florida well over the past two decades. At least 24 states now use some form of public funding for political campaigns as a critical tool for limiting the influence of special-interest money over elected officials. Public campaign financing has proven to be popular with candidates and voters alike, has increased voter choice at the polls, and has made elected officials accountable to voters instead of wealthy donors.

Opponents in the Florida Legislature weakened the law in 2005 – with little opportunity for public debate – by dramatically increasing spending limits. Now those opponents want to strip public financing out of the Florida Constitution altogether.

Your legislators should fix the problems with the current public financing law by returning spending limits to their pre-2005 levels, not by stripping public financing out of the Constitution. We need your help.

Use the form below to email your state senator and urge her/him to vote "no" on legislation that would kill public financing in Florida.

Florida voters enshrined spending limits and public funding for statewide elections in the Constitution in 1998. Don't let opponents repeal this critical reform.

Please tell your state senator to vote no on Senate Joint Resolution 956 and Senate Bill 958.

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January 17, 2019


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