Tell the NRC to Address Nuclear Waste
Ensure all environmental impacts are weighed

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is required by law to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) describing the real and potential impacts that could be caused by the construction of a new nuclear reactor. The EIS scoping process is an opportunity to demand that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission fully consider in its EIS any and all possible environmental impacts of a proposed new reactor. These include alternatives to building the reactor, a cost-benefit analysis, emergency planning, traffic, noise and construction, and more.

All communities that are being asked to host a new reactor can identify concerns that are a specific to their region.  There are also universal impacts that each community will ask the NRC to address.  Lastly, there are significant impacts that the NRC will knowingly deflect such as high-level nuclear waste management.  As the NRC begins to prepare Environmental Impact Statements for the first wave of new reactor applications, we must stress that nuclear waste issues be considered in the decision making process associated with licensing a new nuclear reactor.

Send the below comments to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to let them know that they must face the unresolved issues of the nuclear power when considering its expansion.

Note: Please be aware that all comments submitted to the NRC including any personal information becomes part of the public record.  Public comments are published on the NRC website. 

March 21, 2019


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