Consumers Can't Wait

Predatory lending has caused more financial damage to Kansas than any natural disaster ever has.  But unlike a flood or tornado, predatory lending is preventable.  

Representative Dennis Moore, from Kansas’ third district, plays a significant role in shaping federal legislation.  Unfortunately, Rep. Moore is not doing enough to protect consumers from abusive lenders.  For example, he has not yet co-sponsored Representative Carolyn Maloney’s Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights.

Public Citizen and partners at the Americans for Fairness in Lending are calling on lawmakers to endorse our Principles for Fairness in Lending.  These principles call on lenders to be responsible and not prey on the vulnerable, charge exorbitant interest rates and fees, or deny consumers their day in court.  Additionally, the government must create mechanisms to hold the credit industry accountable and protect consumers from predatory practices.

Tell Rep. Moore to endorse the Principles for Fairness in Lending.  Make your voice heard by adding a personal story or comment to the letter below - OR - call Rep. Moore at his Washington, DC office at (202) 225-2865 or his Kansas office at (913) 621-0832.

(If Rep. Moore is not your representative, please email this Web page to friends and family in the Kansas City area.)

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December 13, 2018


Dear Representative Moore,

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