97,000 pound trucks are unfit for our roads!

Industry lobbyists are trying to pressure members of Congress to create a trucking demonstration project in six states that would allow the size and weight limits of these vehicles to jump from 80,000 pounds to nearly 100,000 pounds.

This is a coordinated effort to undermine highway safety legislation to be drafted shortly.

In 2007, large truck crashes killed 4,800 Americans and injured another 83,000.  These numbers cannot be allowed to climb.

These trucks will have increased stopping distances, are more difficult to control, and will ensure faster deterioration of our nation's roads and bridges.  Some bridges are already in danger of collapsing.  Our nation cannot witness a repeat of 2007 when the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis disintegrated.

Tell your representatives below not to cave to industry demands and think of our safety first before the industry has its way and turns our highways into a demolition derby.

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January 17, 2019


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