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Put Voters FirstScandals. Secrecy. Special interest influence. It’s clear from our current financial crisis that politics is awash in big business and banking money and taxpayers are being drowned by it.

This can change. Our politicians can work for us. Americans want Congress to put voters first, not Wall Street lobbyists, or big campaign donors. To get special interest money out of politics, Congress must pass legislation like the Fair Elections Now Act to establish an opt-in public financing system for congressional races.

Public Citizen is a part of a national coalition of reform groups that is collecting candidate signatures to the Voters First Pledge. These candidates pledge to make elections fair by supporting legislation to create a system of public financing for congressional elections.

364 candidates signed the pledge in 2006, and so far this year, more than 200 members of Congress are pledge-signers. Let’s make sure ALL 2008 congressional candidates make the pledge!

Click here and see if your member of Congress has signed the Voters First Pledge or not.  Then take a moment to personalize the subject line and letter below and send the message. 

Has your member of Congress signed?  Use the form below to thank him or her!  You also might  find the challenger’s website and urge that candidate to also sign the pledge!   

Show your support for good, honest government! Urge your members of Congress to sign the Voters First pledge today!

Please take a moment to personalize the subject line and letter below.

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March 21, 2019


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