Stop Your Taxes From Bailing Out the Asbestos Companies

Last Thursday, Sen. Jeff Ensign (R-NV) objected to moving the asbestos bill forward because it violates budget law by calling for excessive federal spending. In fact, no expert analysis of the asbestos bill has given it an unqualified financial endorsement. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that over the first ten years the fund will fall nearly $8 billion short in revenues and would have to borrow money to pay qualified asbestos claims. CBO admits that overall, “resources may be insufficient to pay all claims,” and that all previous estimates of asbestos claims have been too low. Because of Sen. Ensign’s motion, the Senate has no alternative but to waive the objection and proceed with debate, or send the bill back to committee to fix the financial problems.

The vote is tomorrow afternoon, so there is no time to waste. Please tell your senator to vote in support of the budget point of order.

March 21, 2019


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