Protect the Elderly from Forced Arbitration

The Arbitration TrapWe trust nursing homes to make sure our loved ones are in a safe environment where they eat their meals on time, receive their prescribed medications, and have attentive care.

Sadly, many elderly residents are neglected. 

Mary Hight was dehydrated and ill for days, but her nursing home wouldn’t call an ambulance.  Her daughter had no choice but to push her in a wheelchair to a nearby hospital, where she died the next day.  Adding insult to injury, Mary’s family couldn’t sue the nursing home and hold it accountable in court -- because it had put something called a “binding mandatory arbitration” clause in the fine print of its admission papers. 

Instead of focusing on providing the best care to their residents, nursing homes are busy immunizing themselves from accountability for their wrongdoing -- by stripping the elderly of the right to take them to court!  This must end.

Help stop this predatory practice! 

Congress is considering banning the use of pre-dispute binding mandatory arbitration in nursing home contracts NOW. Ask your Representative to put an end to mistreatment by supporting the Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act.

Personalize the letter below and insist that your Representative support legislation to stop nursing homes from shutting the elderly and their families out of court!

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March 21, 2019


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