Public Citizen Action Network: Our Mission

Fostering a Relationship with YOU, the Activist

The Public Citizen Action Network engages individuals and allied organizations in activities desgined to influence government and business decisionmakers by creating a rich participatory community using successful grassroots advocacy technology and techniques. Our vision is to serve and cultivate the most dynamic, educated and effective progressive champions in the world - the public citizens. We are insipired by our activist partners, we learn from them and we are sustained by an ongoing relationship and dialogue with them.

Progessive, Independent Values

Our relationship with activists is based on trust. We maintain our fierce independence by neither accepting nor using corporate or government funds. Progressive values guide everything we do, and democracy is our lifeblood.

Contacting YOU for Your Valuable Input

To support our progressive values and vision of a participatory democracy, we contact our online members in appropriate ways for mission-specific activities. Our staff uses a checklist to determine if reaching out to our activist network is ethical, meaningful, effective, transparent, timely and in keeping with out members' needs as public interest champions. Information delivered is truthful and important to Public Citizen's programs and goals.

Public Citizen's Checklist for Meaningful Communication

  • Communication is nonpartisan, independent and consistent with empowering activists in support of Public Citizen's programs and goals.
  • Communication is editorially sound.
  • Communication complies with span laws and standards.
  • Alerts have been determined to be in keeping with the interests of members and their goals.
  • Calls to action generate personalized constituent communications to elected officials or other targets and are based on proven tactics.
  • Calls to action inducing mass form responses have been designed for a particular outcome, need or strategic goal.
  • Calls to action are timely and target influential policymakers in ways that are relevant to the officials' actions or positions.
  • Calls to action educate and inspire activists, are easily and effectively responded to and result in constituent communications that are significant, relevant and timely in relation to legislative activities.

Dear Activists,

We want to year from you! Tell us what you need and want from the Public Citizen Action and Strategy Center using the form below.

Maureen Backman
Online Initiatives Coordinator
Public Citizen

March 21, 2019


Dear Maureen,

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