Bird-dog Senator Santorum for real reform now!

Given the critical importance of Senator Santorum's position as one the Republican Party's stated leaders on issues of ethics reform, he will have a strong influence in shaping reform legislation, which will be marked up in committee this week.  Therefore, we are urging you to place a phone call to Senator Santorum's office as soon as possible. Demand to know how Santorum, who has taken thousands of dollars from lobbyists and was a pointman for the "K Street Project" - the Republican effort to coordinate the work of Republican lawmakers with conservative lobbyists - can possibly be a force for real change! 

(The email below can be sent as a follow up to your phone call.) We also encourage you to give us a quick report on how the call went (see link below) – our staff here in Washington are lobbying your Senator on these issues as well, and need to know what he is telling constituents.

The phone number for Senator Santorum's Washington office is 202-224-6324.  You can also dial the Capitol Hill switchboard at 1-877-762-8762.

Virtual Bird-dogging Script/Questions to Ask:

"Hello, I’m one of Senator Santorum's constituents, and I am deeply troubled/very angry about the level of corruption and scandal we are witnessing in Congress. I know that, as a party leader on issues of ethics reform, the Senator can play a large role in shaping reform legislation, which is in committee this week.  

As a concerned constituent, I would like to know how a lawmaker with a history of close ties to lobbyists plans to reform his own behavior, before working for new regulations to govern the behavior of his congressional colleagues. 

In particular, I would like to know Senator Santorum's position on two key issues:

First, does Senator Santorum support restrictions on campaign fundraising and contributions by lobbyists? It is clear that a lobbyist like Jack Abramoff gained access and influence through the thousands of dollars he contributed to members of Congress, and by the millions of dollars he channeled to them. Other lobbyists actually serve as fundraising committee chairs for members of Congress. Does the Senator support the vital reform measure of restricting lobbyist campaign fundraising and contributions?

Second, does he support an independent watchdog office, such as the Office of Public Integrity in Senator Obama’s bill (S. 2259)? With all the scandals swirling in Congress it is remarkable that the standing ethics committees have taken no action – and it proves that Congress cannot monitor itself on ethics issues. Does the Senator support an independent watchdog office to enforce compliance with ethics rules?"

After you have placed this call, please click here to give us a quick report on how it went.

Thank you!

March 21, 2019


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