Tell Congress About the AIG-Panama FTA Outrage!

As if the recent American International Group (AIG) scandal wasn't enough, we now know that AIG has the gall to sue the U.S. government, demanding over $306 million back in taxes it paid - twice the amount of the now infamous executive bonuses. At issue is Panama-based Starr International Company (SICO), AIG's largest shareholder, whose chairman Maurice Greenberg is AIG's former chair.

The Panama FTA, a hangover NAFTA expansion deal negotiated by the Bush administration, would empower SICO, and other Panama-registered corporations with offshore ties, with even more opportunities for corporate abuse. The Panama FTA would grant companies like SICO expansive new rights to challenge U.S. public-interest regulations in foreign tribunals - to, um, demand taxpayer compensation for regulations that undermine their expected future profits.

TAKE ACTION: Use the form below to send an e-mail to your members of Congress asking them to oppose the Panama FTA and all other Bush hangover NAFTA expansions. The form will send your e-mail to both of your senators as well as your House representative.

March 21, 2019


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