Activist Spotlight on Cris Feldman

Spotlight on Public Citizen's Texas activist, Chris Feldman

Cris Feldman fights corruption in Texas.
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Chris Feldman obtained intimate knowledge of the allegations at the heart of the current criminal indictments against DeLay in Texas, having led the legal charge in the successful civil suit against several DeLay associates involved in an alleged money laundering scheme. "No one should be surprised it has reached this point for DeLay," says Feldman, " those of us on the case knew early on that TRMPAC [Texans for a Republican Majority PAC] and Delay were a pretty nasty skunk. And truth be known, the whole mess down here in Texas is really just part of a larger pattern of DeLay centered corruption up in D.C."

Feldman credits Sam Kinch’s Texas Under a Cloud, a study of the Sharpstown bribery scandal in Texas in the early 1970s, with driving him into activism regarding clean government. During his college years, Feldman’s early efforts took the form of political organizing. Working after college with various grassroots organizations, Feldman further learned the art of framing arguments and messages with public outreach in mind.

From there, the young activist began to focus on the issue of money in politics, and decided on a legal career as the most effective way to challenge the conflicts of interest, cronyism, and corruption, that often accompany big money in the political system. Now in his mid-thirties, Feldman is a partner at the Texas law firm of Crews & Elliot, where among other things he specializes in violations of public integrity laws, based on the firm belief that "the disproportionate influence of wealthy corporate interests creates bad public policy for working families."

What has motivated a young attorney to take on the corruption of formidable corporate and political powerhouses, when there is so much money to be made doing other forms of law? Feldman explains his main drive is "a gut feeling that the current political system is rigged, and as a result working people everyday are getting the short end of the stick." He told the Clean Up Washington campaign that he is tired of the "race to the bottom regarding public values and the blatant disregard for playing by the rules" that he feels has become the norm in American politics. Moreover, Feldman holds what he calls "a strong belief in the rule of law" and the need for "citizens to come forward and insist that basic public integrity laws are enforced equally and evenly regardless of who crosses the line."

We couldn’t agree more, and we applaud and congratulate Mr. Feldman for using his skills, talent and passion to fight corruption in government, making it more accountable to the people of our great nation. For that, he earns Clean Up Washington’s first activist spotlight! Thank you, Cris.

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January 17, 2019


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