The Real Scandal with the Port Sell-Off Deal

The debate about the proposed acquisition of a British company that controls six U.S. sea ports by a state-owned company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gotten out of control in Congress—and both President Bush and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist are in the wrong. 

Petition to Congress:

"Please stop the Arab-bashing regarding the UAE port acquisition. Instead, focus your investigation on the real issue: as weak as port security already is our country, we need our government to take responsibility for operating our ports.

If security really is to be the top priority, why would we have private companies from any country running our ports for their private profit? There is too much at stake."

To read the full alert and the article from The Nation's John Nichols, click here:

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January 16, 2019

Dear Congress: Port Security and Trade Rules

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