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Let’s take back our papers and send the message that a safe, clean and affordable energy future for Maryland cannot be compromised.  Please use the sample letter below and talking points to create your own unique message on the Constellation and EdF deal.  Let us know if you get published!

Sample LTE

Constellation Energy Group needs to realize the unnecessary risk they are placing upon every Maryland citizen and checkbook by pushing for their deal with Electricite de France. The hastiness with which they are attempting to bypass government and citizen intervention compounds the problems associated with the deal.

The PSC is regulating this deal that could potentially bring a foreign country to power in Maryland, dictating the energy policy of the state. EDF is effectively an enormous spider—stretching its control over every western nation. They are pushing similar deals in the UK, Germany, Italy, and China. Letting them have such a domineering control over Constellation would allow them to sink into the United States, Maryland as its guide, bringing their questionable business practices along with them: EDF is currently being investigated for anti-competitive practices while last year two top officials were indicted for spying on Greenpeace France.

Constellation is pushing for Calvert Cliffs 3, a reactor on the line with the EDF deal, proclaiming that it will provide jobs and energy for Maryland. But they fail to mention that most, if not all of the energy generated by this new reactor would not be available for Maryland citizens, but sold to other states and utility companies. Constellation fails to recognize that the “thousands of jobs” created by Calvert Cliffs 3 would almost entirely be temporary construction jobs whereas investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources create 20.5 jobs to 1 over nuclear with every $1 million invested.

If Constellation really wants to make a difference in Maryland energy, environment, and economy they should invest in energy practices that encourage growth—cheaper, faster, more efficient, and more jobs available renewable energy. The PSC’s involvement is necessary because it is regulating a deal that would threaten Maryland’s fate: making it the center of unsafe and expensive energy practices and a symbol of foreign powers encroaching into America.

Talking Points 

1) Jobs created by Calvert Cliffs 3, the reactor whose fate is tied to the EDF deal, would mainly be temporary construction jobs. According to the Apollo Alliance, Investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources create 20.5 jobs to 1 over nuclear with every $1 million invested.  

2) The deal would give a foreign entity, with a poor corporate track record, significant influence over Maryland energy: heavily influencing Constellations decisions (as biggest shareholder) and holding a dominating control over most of Constellations nuclear assets. EdF is under allegations of anti-competitive practices and espionage. Moreover, EdF has fought the development of renewable energy and efficiency programs in its areas of operation.  

3) The cost of a new nuclear power plant is exorbitant—often over $10 billion. In order to match EDF’s investment in Constellation’s nuclear division, Constellation could easily draw capital from Baltimore Gas & Electric in order to fund the construction of Calvert Cliffs 3, to the detriment of ratepayers.

January 16, 2019


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 "New Energy for America: The Apollo Jobs Report for Good Jobs & Energy Independence. Apollo Alliance. January, 2004"

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